Costing Stock by Weight

If pricing by square feet, all scales will use a square foot value. (i.e. markup scales, price scales, etc.)

Stock must be set to calculate by weight. MWeight is entered based on the cutoff size.

When set to weight, all scales will use the pounds value (i.e. markup scales, price scales, etc.)



Cost is entered as a CWT cost. Price per is entered as 100.

Calculations on a Job:


Stock on a web press is calculated based on press sheets, which are calculated off run size, ups, total quantity and waste.  For Web Press configuration, Stock Feed Type should be set to Piece so that it calculates based on cutoffs (press sheets).  The web press calculates speed and time the same as an offset press, but prints 2 sides simultaneously like a perfector press. There is a an additional Stock Charge percent that can be entered on a web press configuration. This value adds an additional percentage of pounds to the pricing.This accounts for roll breakage but will not affect cost or inventory.

To calculate pounds used per job:

((Press Sheets / 1000) x MWeight)

To calculate price:

(pounds x (cwt / price per))

i.e. If you are printing 20,000 inserts 1 up on 17.5 x 22.5 cutoffs on a 20M stock that is $100 with a 100% markup and an additional percentage of 100%


            Pounds: ((20000 / 1000) * 20)

Pricing: ((400 + 100%) x ((100 / 100) + 100%))