To integrate Shippo online:

  • 'Shipped' option must first be added to a Customer's Online Ordering setup 
  • Shipping Box/Weight has to be setup on the online Product

Adding the 'Shipped' option to the Customer's Online Ordering Setup 

Step      Action

  1.        Select {CRM} to open the Customers tab. Select a customer by clicking on the customer 

             name under the Name column.

   The selected customer's view page will open.

  2.       Select {Actions} and then select {Edit} from the drop-down.

  The Customer edit page will open.

  3.      Select {Shipped} under Online Ordering.

  4.      Select {Save}. 

How to set Shipping on Product

  1.    Select {Settings} and then select {Products} under the Online Ordering section.

  2.    Hover mouse over the Number and select to open the selected Product view page.

  3.       Select Online tab and click pencil icon to enable Edit mode.

  4.       Complete the fields.


Shipping - Box1. Select {New} under Shipping - Box. A New Shipping Box modal window will open.
2. Select a Box option from the drop-down menu and then enter a Quantity Per box.
3. Select {Save}.
Shipping - Weight1. Enter a Weight under Shipping - Weight.
2. Select Mass Units from the drop-down menu.
3. Enter a value Per.

  5.       Select {Save}.

Once the Shipped option has been added to a Customer's Online Ordering setup, and the Shipping Box/Weight has been setup on the Online Ordering Template, the integration of Shippo online is complete. 

When a customer is ordering online, and goes to checkout, they would need to select 'Shipped' under the Shipping Type. The rates will appear fir the options you have setup with Shippo. They can then select which carrier they would use. If you've added a % or $ Handling Fee on the Portal, that will then calculate into the Shipping & Handling cost on the order.