The cart shows any products that have been added to the order.

To Delete a Product from the Cart

To remove a product from the cart, select the red icon.

To Modify Products in the Cart:

The products details can be expanded by clicking on the blue Arrow icon. 

Edit the product fields to customize products.

Item Name and DescriptionClick on the field to customize the item name and/or description.
QuantityQuantity can be set by selecting an option from the drop-down. If the quantity has been set as "Can Specify Quantity" at the Product level, a value can be entered directly into the Quantity field (within the acceptable range set at the Product level).
Run, Flat, and Finish Size 
Modify be entering new value in corresponding fields
Stock and Finishing Options
Modify using the corresponding drop-down fields. If the product does not have any stock or finishing options (Department Items), these additional drop-downs will not be visible.

Note: Stock and finishing options (Department Items) on a product are set based on the product's attributes. For more information on defining attribute options, see Products - Attributes.