There are any number of reasons why the Shippo Integration in Docketmanager might not generate a shipping rate for an online order.

One indication that rates are not generating is a variation of the 'No rates were found' message generating on the online portal prior to checkout. 

Here are a few things to check first:

  • Double-check the address being entered. A simple typo in the error could cause the address to not be recognized by Shippo integration.
  • Try to manually type in the address instead of using just the prefill.
  • Validate the address (Street, City, Postal/Zip code) 
    • Check the shipping and billing address as entered in DocketManager is correct.
    • Confirm that the address entered is valid on Canada Post, USPS, etc.

Once you have checked the address for typos and validated it, check to see if shipping rates are generating on any other orders being placed.

If unable to generate shipping rates on any orders, the issue may be with the Shippo setup on DocketManager.

Troubleshooting Shippo on DockeManager

Have you registered an Authentication Token and entered it in on DocketManager?
If you have not already done so, make sure you have registered for a free Shippo account and have been granted an authentication token that has been entered for Integration on DocketManager.

For more information, see Integrations - Shippo.
Have you setup Shippo to integrate with your online products?
To integrate Shippo online, Shipped must first be added to a customer's online ordering setup, and then Shipping Box/Weight has to be setup on the Online Ordering Template. 

For more information, see Shippo - How to Integrate Your Online Products with Shippo.
Is your Shippo API version up to date?Occasionally, DocketManager users will need to upgrade their Shippo API version to ensure the Shippo integration stays up to date and error free. 

Note: Alerts will be sent out when an update is required.

For more information, see Shippo-Upgrading Your API Version.

If issue not resolved after checking your Shippo setup on DockeManager, here are a few things to check on Shippo:

Troubleshooting Shippo Account Setup and Carriers Setup

Is Shippo experiencing a service disruption?
To confirm if Shippo is experiencing a service disruption, see Shippo Status.
Is your Shippo profile complete?
Make sure your registration for Shippo account is complete and all required information is correct on your profile.
Is the carrier you've selected in Test Mode instead of active?
If you are in Test Mode, you will not see your negotiated rates.
For more information, see Shippo-How to move in/out of Test Mode.
Is there an issue with your carrier setup?
To confirm if your carrier information has been setup correctly on Shippo, see Shippo-Carriers.

For more information on troubleshooting Shippo issues, see Shippo-Troubleshooting Common Error Messages.