Note: If a Purchase Order has 'Received' status, the stocks and supplies cannot be edited. The status would need to be changed back to pending, sent or received partial before editing stock/supplies.

To Navigate to Purchase Order:

Step      Action

  1.         Select {Inventory} and then select the PO tab.

  2.         Use search filters to locate the desired Purchase Order.

  3.         Select the contact's name to open the Purchase Order's view page.

To Edit Purchase Order Details

To Be Edited
Make required changes and select {Save}.
For information on editing or deleting stocks, see PO - Stocks.
For information on editing or deleting supplies, see PO - Supplies.

To Update Stock/Supplies as Received:

Step     Action

  1.       Select {Received} under Stocks or Supplies. A New Received Record modal will open.

  2.       Enter value for each Received Record.

  3.       Select {Add}. 

Note: The status of the Purchase Order will automatically update when stocks or supplies are marked as received. The status change can be seen once the page is refreshed. If the status of the Purchase Order is set to Received, the Received button on both Stocks and Supplies will be grayed out.