Customer Supplied goods have been provided by the customer and do not require a replenishment template. A Customer can be assigned, instead of a replenishment template, to make it easier to tell which customer supplied the good. 

Manual replenishment can be done directly from the Customer Good view page.

Creating a Customer Supplied good:

To create a customer supplied good, see Customer Goods - Adding New Customer Goods

To replenish Customer Supplied goods manually:

Step      Action

  1.        From the Customer Good view page, hover mouse over Actions menu and then select 

             {Replenishfrom the drop-down. A Create Replenish modal will open.

  Note: If a price other than $0 is entered, the price of the good will be added to press as no GL 

  account can be associated since there is no replenishment template on the customer supplied 


  2.       Complete the fields entering a quantity value and price value. 

            Note: The Quantity and Price fields cannot be left blank. If there is no price, enter 0.

  3.       Select {Save}. The Manual Replenishment will appear in the Inventory table. 


To deplete customer supplied goods:

A depletion template must first be added to the customer supplied good before depletions can be done using orders.


  • The depletion templates on a customer good will be based off of products. For more information on creating products, see Products - Adding a New Product.
  • Versions cannot be used on Customer Good depletions as inventory will not calculate correctly. 

Adding Depletion Templates

Step      Action

  1.        Select {Add} under Depletion Templates section. An Add Product modal will open.

  2.         Check boxes to left-hand side of Product name to select item to be added.

  3.         Select {Add}. The item will appear in the Depletion Templates table.

Once the depletion template has been added, the customer good will deplete whenever the template is used on an order. Multiple depletion templates can be added.

For more information, see Customer Goods - Depletion.