Depletion Templates are used when ordering customer goods.


  • The depletion templates on a customer good will be based off of products. For more information on creating products, see Products - Adding a New Product.
  • Versions cannot be used on customer good depletion templates as inventory will not calculate correctly. 
  • Shell Stock depletion templates do not require a stock. A blue band imposition message will appear if stock is left blank but the message can be disregarded. If you would prefer not to have the message appear, a stock can be added and then marked as outsourced. This will prevent the stock from being added to the price of the depletion. The stock will not be allocated when a depletion order is placed using the shell stock.
  • Discount field from the depletion template cannot be overridden when customer good depletion is added to an order.

Adding Depletion Templates

Step      Action

  1.        From the Customer Goods view page, select {Add} under Depletion Templates section. An 

             Add Product modal will open.

  2.         Check the boxes to the left-hand side of Product name to select item to be added.

  3.         Select {Add}. The item will appear in the Depletion Templates table.

Once the depletion template has been added, the customer good will deplete whenever the template is used on an order. 

To Edit a Depletion Template:

Step     Action

  1.       From the Customer Goods view page, select the view icon on the right-hand side of 

            Item #. The Item View page will open. 

  2.       Make required changes. (For more information, see Items - Items View)    

  3.       Select {Save}.

To Remove a Depletion Template:

Step      Action

  1.        From the Depletion Templates section, check the boxes to the left-hand side of Item # to select 

             templates to be removed.

  2.        Select {Remove}. A pop-up window will appear to confirm items to be removed.

  3.        Select {Ok}. The depletion template will be removed from the table.