This is a blueprint for setting up Online Ordering. It will guide you through setting up a portal, adding customers/contacts to that portal, and configuring it with products. The order in which you complete setup may vary depending on if you are using an existing portal, customers, and products.

Online Configuration

To begin your online ordering setup, the Online Ordering configuration will need to be completed.

  • A Theme may need to be created to utilize on the portal. For more information, see Online Configuration – Theme.
  • A basic portal can then be created.
    •  The basic setup should include: General settings, Pages, and Navigation. Products and Contacts will be configured later. For more information, see Online Configuration - Portals.

Customer Access 

Once the portal has been setup, companies (customers) can be added by configuring your customer's online settings. 

The customer's Online Ordering setup should include:

  • Customer's Default Portals
  • Automatically Grant Contacts Product Access (If set to No, newly added contacts will not automatically be granted product access and newly added products will not automatically be accessible to existing contacts)
  • Online Security Roles (If acceptable security roles not assigned, the users security role will not be visible on their profile.)

If you have a number of existing customers to be added to a portal, this can be done using Bulk Actions.

For more information, see FAQ - How do I add Companies to a Portal?

Product Configuration

Note: Products must be assigned to a customer. A generic customer can be created for adding global customer products.

The process for setting up products on the portal will depend on if you are creating new products or adding existing products.

For new products, the Online setup should include:

  • Product Catalog (Dictates under which product catalog the item will be viewed online)
  • Public (This determines if the product is visible on a browsable portal or if it is only visible to logged in users.) 
  • Access (This is where portals can be added for accessing this product)

If you have a number of existing products, they may already have most of their online setup configured. The new Portal Access can be added using Bulk Actions. For more information see, FAQ - How can I Bulk add Existing Products to a Portal.

Contact Access

Now that the portal has been setup with customers and products, users (contacts) can be added. 

The contact's Online Ordering setup should include:

  • Role (Security Role for Online Ordering)
  • Username and Password
  • Portal Access
  • Default Portal

If the contact has been granted automatic product access through their companies online ordering setup, the products should populate once their user settings and portal access are added.