There are two main ways to grant portal access to multiple contacts. The method you use depends on whether or no these Contacts already have a Username and Password.

To Grant Portal Access to Multiple Contacts with a username and password:

Step     Action

  1.      From the Contacts tab on CRM, check boxes to left-hand side of Name column for all desired Contacts.

  2.      Select {Bulk Actions}. A Bulk Actions modal will open.

  3.      Select one or more portals to be added to contacts by clicking on the Portals field and selecting options 

           from the drop-down. 

  4.      Select {Save}. A pop-up will confirm the selected Contacts were updated successfully.

Note: If the Contact did not have a username or password, the portal will not actually be added through Bulk Actions. 

If multiple contacts do not have a username and password, an export can be used to bulk add portal access.

To Grant Portal Access to Multiple Contacts without a username and password:

Step    Action

  1.      Select {CRM} and then select the Contacts tab.

  2.      Use search filters to get desired contacts for export.

  3.      Select {Export}.

            Note: You may need to confirm the file to be opened/saved before 

            proceeding, depending on your web browser. The  file will be open or be 

            saved to your computer depending on your web browser.

Once the contacts file has been exported, make the following changes:

  • Add a username (Each Contact's email can be used for their Username)
  • Add a password (The same generic password can be assigned to everyone. This can be changed the first time the user logs in to a portal.)
  • Add one or more portals (This will determine which portals the contact can access.)  

Note: Any changes to the import .CSV will update on the Contact's profile when imported into DocketManager.

The .CSV can then be saved for import back into DocketManager.

To Import Contacts:

Step    Action
1.      Select {Settings} and then select {Import/Export} under Customer.
2.      Select {Choose File}. A modal window will open. 

3.      Locate Contacts .CSV file to be imported and select {Open}. The name of the file to be imported 

         will appear next to {Choose File} button.

4.      Select {Import} and then select {Contacts} from the drop-down.  A results window will 
         pop-up to confirm the records imported successfully.


After the records have imported successfully, each contact will have portal access. An email can be sent with their username and generic password. The Contact can then login and reset the password to one of their choice.

You can also use Bulk Actions to add or remove contact access from a product. 

To Add/Remove Contact Access from a Product:

Step    Action
1.      Select {Bulk Actions} on the Products table in Settings.
2.      Select {Add/Remove Contact Access}. A modal window will open. 

3.      Select the contact(s) you want to add or remove, and click the {Add/Remove} button.