The Point of Sale (POS) allows for direct product sales orders to be entered. 

It is a tool designed for quick & easy ordering for walk in customers, or for less experienced CSR's. 

The items available for order on POS are based off of the same products that are used online. A user can save time and create generic items for both the online and POS at the same time. Products can be setup with the stocks and finishing options that they are allowed, ensuring no mistakes can be made. Quantities can be specifically set or a range provided so the proper quantities can always be chosen.  For more information on adding products to the POS, see Point of Sale - Products

The basic features of the POS include:

  • Quick entry of customer/contact - A generic walk-in customer profile can be used for placing orders or a new customer and/or contact can be created.

  • Simple Cart for adding and editing Products for the order. Making changes to stocks, finishing options and sizes can provide real time pricing that is either system calculated or preset prices. 
  • Simple checkout - A payment can be made prior to the order being placed and notes added if extra information is needed. If an order has more complex parts to it, the POS can serve as the beginning of the order entry, and then the order can be placed which will allow a user the ability to customize it further.