If a customer or multiple customers were deleted in error, it is possible to retrieve their customer profiles and bring them back as active customers.

To begin, an export of all customers must  be done.

To Export all Customers:

Step     Action 

  1.      Select {Settings} and then select {Import/Export} under Customer section. 

  2.      Select {Export} and then select {Customer} from the drop-down. A .CSV will export with all 


Once the Customers.csv file has been exported, it will need to be modified to bring back the deleted customer(s).

To modify the .CSV:

Step     Action 

  1.       Open the .CSV file. 

  2.       Remove all customers other than the one(s) you would like brought back.

  3.       Under the deleted column for each customer (Column X), change TRUE to FALSE and then save 

            the .CSV. 

The .CSV can now be imported back into the system.

To Import .CSV:

Step     Action 

  1.      From the Customers Import/Export page, select {Choose File}. 

  2.      Locate the .CSV that was edited.

  3.      Select {Import} and then select {Customer} from the drop-down. A pop-up will confirm the record imported successfully.

The Customer(s) should now be visible again on the Customers tab.