Deposits are a way to organize payments by time and/or type. If they are organized by both date and type, they can be matched to each deposit on your bank statement. 

e.g. If you batch your credit card terminal each night, then you would create a new deposit each day for credit cards. If you collect checks all week then take them to the bank at end of the week, each week you would create a new check deposit and those values will match the amount you take to the bank. 

A deposit should only be marked as deposited after the deposit is balanced.

ie. The Amount of the Deposit would match the Payment Total. The system will automatically designate the deposit as balanced when these values match.

Once the deposit is balanced and the funds have been deposited to the bank, the deposit can be marked as deposited.

To mark a deposit as deposited:

Step     Action

  1.      Select {Accounting} and then select the Deposits tab.  

  2.      Check box on left-hand side under Deposited to mark an item as deposited. A results window will pop-up to confirm deposit has been marked as deposited.

For more information on Deposits, see Accounting - Deposits.