If the 'Amount' field is greyed out, the value can no longer be edited. There are various reasons on a Deposit or a Payment why this field can no longer be edited.

  • The Deposit has been Deposited.

If the Deposited toggle is switched to 'Yes', and the deposit has been deposited, the deposit can no longer be edited and additional payments can no longer be added to it. 

  • The Deposit has been included in a Closeout.

If the deposit has been included in a closeout, a note will appear on the top-left hand side of the deposit screen indicating 'Deposit is in a closeout ending on __-__-____ and cannot be modified.'

  • The Payment has been submitted.

If the Payment has been submitted, the Payment amount can no longer be edited. 

For more information on Deposits and Payments, see Accounting - Deposits and Accounting - Payments.