The Inventory will show any order items, posted or unposted, that have allocated or pulled inventory from that lot. 

Posted order items will appear on the inventory table as Pulled.

Unposted order items will appear on the inventory table with a value under Qty. This indicates inventory has been Allocated for this order item and the amount will be deducted from the inventory Available.

Customer Goods allocate when depleted.

Stock, Supplies, and Customer Goods can have inventory manually set as allocated. 

Note: If the inventory is on reserve or back ordered for an item, it will automatically be allocated when the inventory is received on a purchase order or replenished.

Note: A stock allocation is visible on the Stock details tab under Inventory Status.

On Customer Goods, the allocation will appear on the details tab but Stock tab will show as unallocated.

For more information, see Inventory.