A discrepancy is the difference between the quote/order Total and the Actual Total. The difference in these values is often caused by a recalculation on the order/quote. 

Common reasons for discrepancies include:

  • the addition of a timer
  • the inventory had not been allocated or pulled but when you post the order, it auto changes the stock to pulled which can have an affect on the stock calculation (Note: This is why often you will see an invoice with one price yet the order page has different total. This happens because the invoice was printed before the order was posted).

These discrepancies may appear on the GL Account Breakdown when searching a specific time frame. They are broken down by Order Level Discrepancies and Quote Level Discrepancies.

The discrepancy should be resolved before completing a closeout for that time frame. Each entry will contain a link to the order/quote with the discrepancy.