Cut Scales allow you to reduce the cut price as the total number of cuts increases. 

The No. of Cuts are calculated as follows:

(No. of Pre Cuts per lift x No. of lifts) + (No. of Post Cuts per lift x No. of lifts)  = Total No. of Cuts

How Cut Scales Calculate

The cut scales calculate by step, meaning:

  • Exact no. of cuts use the listed percentage.
  • If the no. of cuts is below the minimum scale, the minimum scale is used.
  • If the no. of cuts exceeds the maximum scale, the maximum scale is used.
  • If the quantity falls between two scales, the next highest scale is used.

The percentage value sets the percentage of the cut price that will be charged for each cut.


No. of CutsPercentage

If the cut price is $1.00:

  • up to 10 cuts = $1.00/per cut
  • 15 cuts = $0.75/per cut
  • 26+ cuts = $0.70 per cut


  • The first scale used should begin at 100%, that way anything below that minimum scale will calculate at 100% of the price.
  • The markup percentage on the item quote table does not reflect the percentage being charged based on the cut scales. This value indicates the markup percentage between the cut cost and price on the item.
  • Cut cost/price per lift and lift sizes are set on each stock individually. For more information, see Stock - Adding a Stock.
  • Cut prices can be overridden at a quote/order item level but the number of lifts are calculated by the system.