In DocketManager, all inventory can be tracked within the system. This means stock usage is tracked and monthly usage can be seen on each individual stock.

Note: Stock inventory levels should be maintained using PO's and inventory adjustments to ensure inventory can be tracked accurately within the system. Negative stock inventory values will not be tracked. 

There is also an Inventory Warning option that prevents posting of items when there is no stock available to allocate. A pop-up Inventory Warning message lets the user know that the order cannot be posted as there is not enough of the selected stock.

The Inventory Warning can be set as a stock attribute, turning the warning on or off for all new stocks added to the system.

Note: If the stock attribute Inventory Warning is toggled to Yes, it will apply to any newly added stock but it will not apply to existing stock.

To Turn on Inventory Warning on Stock Attributes:

Step    Action

  1.      Select {Settings} and then select {Stock} under Dockets. The page should open on the 

           Stock Attributes tab.

  2.      Toggle switch to YES to activate Inventory Warning

  3.      Select {Save}. A results window will pop up to indicate the stock defaults have 

           been successfully saved.

The Inventory Warning can also be set on each individual stock.

To Turn on Inventory Warning on Individual Stocks:

Step    Action

 1.       From the Stock view page, select the pencil icon to right-hand side of stock name. The 

           stock modal will open.    

 2.       Toggle Inventory Warning switch to YES

 3.       Select {Save}. A results window will pop up to indicate the stock updated successfully.

There may be cases where you would like to update the Inventory Warning on multiple stock. This can be done using Bulk Actions or Stock Export

To Turn on Inventory Warning on Multiple Stocks using Bulk Actions:

Step    Action

 1.       From the Stock page, check boxes on the left-hand side of stocks to be updated

 2.       Select {Bulk Actions}. The Bulk Action modal will open.    

 3.       Select Yes from the Inventory Warning drop-down. 

 4.       Select {Save}. A results window will pop up to indicate the stocks updated successfully.

A stock export can also be used to update the Inventory Warning. This would be done by exporting a stock file, updating Inventory Warning field values to 'TRUE' and then importing the .CSV back into DocketManager. For more information, see FAQ - How Can I Use Stock Export to Bulk Update Stock?