When adding department items on a Template Option that is priced by Template Option, you will have the ability to set whether or not you would like the department item included in the price.

To Set Whether or not to include the Department Item in the Price:

Step      Action

  1.        Hover mouse over the Department Item name and select the pencil icon. The 

             Edit Department Item modal will open.

  2.        Toggle the Include in Job Calculation switch. 

  • If set to YES, the department item will be included in the price.       
  • If set to NO, the department item will not be included, meaning it will be charged in addition to the template option pricing.

 Note: The toggle to Include in Job Calculation is only visible on the Edit Department Item 

 modal when Template Option pricing is being used.

  3.     Select {Save}. A pop-up will confirm the Department Item was updated successfully.

For more information on Job Templates and Template Options, see Settings - Job Templates.

For more information on Department Items, see Settings - Department Items.