A Budget is a tool for tracking how much money has been spent against a set budget allowance for a specified time frame. It is ideal for use with school and hospital customers. The customer can be setup with a budget that their contacts can then access. The budget can be unlimited or have a set amount of funds allocated to it for a set time frame. Contacts with access to that budget can then deplete from it as orders are placed. 

Other budget features:

  • Can be set up to include shipping, taxes or postage
  • Unallocated budget amount can be rolled over into the next budget period
  • Can be manually assigned to specific contacts or automatically assigned to all of the customer's contacts
  • Can be set at the order item level or on the product level
  • Contact can be restricted from placing orders if the budget fund allocation for that budget period is reached
  • Budget tags (BudgetCode and BudgetName) created for use on Invoices, Quotes, Workorders, Packing Slips, and Shipping Labels

For more information on budgets, see Budgets - Creating a New Budget.

For more information on adding budgets to customers and contacts, see FAQ - How do I Assign a Budget on Customers and Contacts?