A Theme is used to control the layout and design when setting up an online portal.  

The theme can be created using a combination of a root theme preset in DocketManager and customization (Header HTML, Sidebar HTML, Footer HTML, CSS, and Javascript). For more information, see Online Configuration - Theme.

Once a theme has been created, it can then be applied to one or more portals. It will act as the base for the portal's layout and design. From there it can be customized as needed. 

To Add a Theme to a Portal:

Step      Action 

  1.        From the Portal Edit page, select a Theme from the drop-down.

    Note: The primary and secondary color will prefill based on the selected theme. These 

    colors can still be modified by clicking on the swatches.

  3.        Select {Save}. A pop-up will confirm portal saved successfully.

Note: If the added theme utilizes one of our root themes, you will want to customize the portal with the corresponding Homepage HTML. For more infromation, see Online Ordering Setup - Homepage HTML Templates.