Vendors in the system are for outsourced purchases and work. They are an external third party contracted by the print shop to which they can shift jobs, operations, and other processes. 

The vendor must first be added to the system before they can be selected for outsourced purchases or work.

For more information on adding vendors, see Vendors - Creating a New Vendor.

Once the vendor has been added, they can be selected for outsourced purchases and work on items.

Note: Multiple vendors can be added to the item outsourced tab. Any vendor marked as chosen will be included in the Outsourced cost/price on the item.  

To Add an Outsourced Vendor to an Item

Step     Action

  1.       From the Item View page, enable Edit Mode.

  2.       Select {Outsourced} tab.

  3.       Select {Add} under Vendors. A New Vendor modal window will open.

  4.      Complete fields. 

       Note: The Contacts field is enabled once a Vendor has been selected. The selected contact, 

       if they have an email address, will appear in the 'To' drop-down when emailing the 

       Outsourced PO.  

  5.      Select {Save}. A results window will pop-up to indicate the item vendor updated. 

The vendor pricing for the outsourced purchase or work can now be added. For more information, see Items - Outsourced.