The Merge Customer/Contact tool allows for one customer/contact's information to be merged into another. It is most commonly used to fix a duplicate entry created for a single company due to a small discrepancy in name (e.g. Daisy Flower Co. and Daisy Flower Inc., Dave Jenson and David Jenson).

When two customers are merged, the first customer's information will merge into the second, including all:

  • orders
  • quotes
  • order items
  • quote items
  • products
  • notes
  • tasks
  • contacts 
  • payments


  • There is no way to differentiate between the two merged customer's information. 
  • The first customer's address, email, phone number, and default settings will not be merged forward. 
  • Reporting cannot be pulled on the first customer once merged (i.e. All orders, payments, etc. will now reference the second customer, so reports cannot be generated to see what was historically on that first customer).

For more information, see Tools - Merging Customers/Contacts.