A quote with multiple quantities can be emailed or printed in the same way as a regular quote. To have the multi quantities display on the quote, the correct document template must be selected. 

The multi quote document templates are labelled as Quote - No Totals in the knowledge base. (See Document Templates - Quotes with No Totals)

Below is an example of one of the multi quote document template.

Note: 'Quote - No Totals ...'  is the naming convention used on the generic multi quote documents in DocketManager. These can be renamed to whatever works best for your company.

To Email or Print a Quote with Multiple Quantities:

Step      Action

  1.        From the Quote view page, select {Actions} and then {Print} or {Email} from the 


  2.        Select a 'Quote-No Totals' document from the Choose an Option modal. 

The document will either appear as a .pdf attachment in the email or pop-up in a separate document window.