A Quote can be used to determine how an item would be priced using various presses. This allows for a comparison to be done to see which press would be most cost effective to complete the job.

Note: The item must be set to calculate by Press for this quote pricing method to be used.

Before items can be added, the quote first needs to be created. For more information on creating a quote, see Quotes - Creating a New Quote.

To Create a Quote with Different Presses

Step     Action

  1.        From the Quote View page, select {New} on the Items table and then select a method 

             from the drop-down for adding your item. For more information, see Quotes - Items.

  2.        Check the box on the left-hand side of the item and then select {Duplicate}.

  3.        Check the box on the left-hand side of the duplicated item.

  4.        Select {Bulk Actions} and then {Items} from the drop-down. 

    A Bulk Action modal will open.

  5.        Select Show Advanced Options from the bottom left corner of the modal. The modal 

             will expand with more options.

  6.        Select a different Press option from the drop-down.

  7.        Select {Save}.

  8.        Repeat steps 1-7 for each press you would like to quote.

Once it has been determined which press should be used for the job, the remaining items can be deleted. The quote can then be converted to an order by selecting {Convert to Order} from the Actions menu drop-down.