Shipping Boxes can be used: 

  • when adding a parcel to shipments (e.g. box used on parcel setup for item shipment)
  • when shipping combined boxes (e.g. box setup for combining items for online order shipment)

Using Boxes for a Parcel Shipment

Before a parcel can be added, a shipment must first be created. For more information on creating a shipment, see Shipments - Creating a Shipment.

Once the shipment has been created, a parcel can be added.

Step     Action

  1.      Select {New}. A New Parcel modal will open.

  2.     Complete the fields.

BoxSelect a Box option from the drop-down menu.
NameEnter a Name for the box.
Dimension Units, Length, Width, and HeightDimension Units, Length, Width and Height will systematically generate based on box selection.
Mass UnitsSelect the Mass Units from the drop-down menu.
WeightEnter value for the box Weight.
Item AllocationsEnter quantity of items to allocate in the box.

  3.      Select {Save}. A results window will pop-up to confirm parcel added to shipment.

Using Boxes for Shipping Combined Boxes

Online Ordering can be setup to ship combined boxes. This allows multiple products from the order to be added into the same shipping box.

Products will need to be setup with Shipping Boxes and Shipping Weights before utilizing combined boxes. For more information, see Products - Shipment Options. 

For more information on shipping combined boxes, see Shipments - Shipping Combined Boxes.