Here are some of the common issues that may result in an error when trying to import Stock .CSV:

  • Import .CSV file is not setup correctly. The column names must follow the exact same naming scheme as provided or the import upload will fail. 
    • To confirm .CSV columns you are using are correct, export a stock .CSV. The column names on the export should match those being used for the import.
  • Mandatory fields have no value entered.
  • Field values are not formatted correctly. Listed below are some common formatting errors.  
    • numerals contain commas or '$' signs
    • fractions have not been converted to decimals
    • characters in fields that only accept numeric values
    • lower case 'x' not used for sizes
    • items separated by commas have a space (i.e. Cover , Coated)
  • Supplier and Supplier code values are not unique. Each supplier and supplier code value must be unique in comparison to the rest of the names and codes in the .CSV
  • Decimals in GSM, Price Per and/or Package Quantity column. All decimals must be removed from these columns or import will fail.
  • Check that FALSE is in the Price by Carton column and not the Package Qty column (Conversion error generates otherwise)

For more information on .CSV requirements, click on the link below for the type of stock import you are using.

Import OptionDescription
Stock CSVThis option should be chosen when updating stock information other than pricing and inventory levels.
Stock Price CSVThis option should be chosen when updating stock pricing.
Stock Inventory Level CSVThis option should be chosen when updating on-hand inventory levels.

Note: Stock Inventory Level CSV Import will only update On-Hand column so this option cannot be used to update any other stock information.