A kit can be setup using customer goods using a few simple steps:

Step    Action
  1.      Create a new product. (For more information, see Products - Adding a New Product)
  2.      Add an item. 

  • Make sure to fill out the Name and Online tab for one of the items and place it first on the items table. This will be the primary item and will drive what appears online. It should have a catalog, images, etc. 
  • If you intend to use drop-down quantities when ordering the kit, you must put the same quantities on each product item.

For more information on items, see Items - Adding Items.

  3.     Click back to the product 'order' page and create the next item. Repeat until all the items you 
          would like in the kit have been added.
  4.      Create a new Customer Supplied Good for each item.
  5.      Add one of the products you created as a depletion template on each Customer Supplied Good.
  6.      Manually add a replenishment. ( Actions > Replenish. Add quantity and then a price of $0) 
Note: This will be the same action taken any time additional inventory needs to be added for this customer good. For more information on Customer Supplied Goods, see Customer Goods - Customer Supplied.

The Customer Supplied Good should looks like this:

  7.     Navigate back to the "order" where the products are.
  8.     Check the box to select all and then select {Group}. 

Note: Make sure the group name and description are what you want as this is what the customer will see. 

The Grouped Product Order should looks like this:

Online, the client will see: the group name, group description, primary (1st item) thumbnails, and catalogs. The kit will look like they are ordering a single product but it will appear on the MIS as a group of products, pulling inventory from each Customer Supplied Good.

There may be cases where you would like the products to appear as a kit and as individual items. Outlined below are the steps you would take to so:

Step    Action

  1.      Navigate back to the original product order.  
  2.      Check the box to select the group of items.
  3.      Select {Duplicate}. 
  4.      Check the items in the 2nd group and then select {Ungroup}.
  5.      Navigate back to each of the customer goods and add the corresponding product items 
           as depletion templates to the existing goods.

The Product Order should look like this:

Each Customer Supplied Good should look like this: