To begin in Customer's Canvas, first you need a Design. Customer’s Canvas supports InDesign as well as Photoshop files which can be imported into the system. You can also choose to use a blank design. Once you have a Design you can apply it to a Template. There are four different template editors, that can be used for different scenarios. Templates are then matched up with Products in the Online Tab of a Product in DocketManager.

Below is an outline of the Customer's Canvas interface with corresponding links that will provide you with more information.


  • Designs - Either InDesign / Photoshop or Blank
  • Images - Clipart, backgrounds, logos, etc...
  • Fonts - TrueType / OpenType
  • Color Profiles - Destination / Source ICC Color Profiles


  • Data Schema - Set of formatting rules to maintain consistency across orders.
  • Data Sets - Information that can be chosen to prefill the fields of a template.

Templates / Editors

  • Blank Print Product Editor - Used to give users a blank canvas
  • Data Driven Editor - B 2 B
  • Template-Based Print Product Editor - B 2 C
  • Variable Data Print Product Editor - Variable Data (spreadsheet upload)


  • Editor
  • Size Presets
  • Measure Units
  • Image Sources