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Step   Action

  1. In DocketManager select {Settings} and then select {Online Ordering} and then select {Variable Templates New}.
  2. Select {Assets} and then select {Designs}. To learn more about Designs click here.
  3. Download the inDesign file. InDesign File.
  4. Click on the New button and select Import.

  5. Select the file you just downloaded and click on {Open}.
  6. You should see (1/1 files imported successfully) Then click on {Close}.

  7. The file should be in the root directory unless you double click on the folder that you would like the file to be imported into. You can organize the file into any folder in the future by right-clicking on the file and click on move.
  8. Next, double click on the file or right-click and select edit.
  9. If the Missing fonts window comes up you will need to add the font. See attached zip file below for the fonts and click on This link to learn more about how to add and manage Fonts. It should look like this.
  10.  It should look like this.

  11. Click on save and close the Design.
  12. Next Select {Assets} and then select {Designs} right-click on the Design you just imported and select Attach schemas.
  13. Select "Business Card" and then click on save. To learn more about Data Schemas click here
  14. Next, select {Templates} and then click on the Create new button in the top right corner.
  15. Enter Business card in the Name.
  16. From the Editor drop-down select Data Driven Editor and then click on select. To understand more about the Templates click on To understand more about Templates click here.

  17. Next, select the Design drop-down and select the design you downloaded (Design7) and then click on the Select button.
  18. Click on the Save button.
  19. Next, Click on the 3 ellipses on the right side of the template, and then click on Test. 
  20. You have now created your first template.

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