The Production Workflow is the area in DocketManager to view all of your active order items and their progress in the production process. Order items can be moved throughout production based on where they are in the process of manufacturing. You can see the total number of items in each queue, you can search the queues using the search filters, and you can use the tools in the table to interact with your workflow. 


The following buttons are available at the top of the production workflow table once an item has been selected using the checkbox:

Button NameFunction
Bulk ActionsAllows you to make changes to multiple item properties after selecting each item in the queue with the checkbox. Possible types of changes can be made at the item, note, and status level.
MoveAllows you to move selected item(s) to a different production queue.
DownloadAllows you to download any attached item files from the selected item(s).
WorkorderAllows you to print a workorder for any selected item(s). Multiple selections will print as multiple pages.
Print Outsource POAllows you to print an outsourced purchase order for any selected item(s). Multiple selections will print as multiple pages.
ExportAllows you to export the currently viewable information as a .csv file.

Each production queue tab has a view type designated to show as much relevant information about the job item as possible during that stage of production. Therefore, you may notice information on, for example, the press tab, focusing on the name of the press, name of the stock, etc. However, information on the shipping tab may focus on the shipping address. There is some relevant information that is viewable on almost all views, including from left to right, Assigned To initials, Item Number, Order Number, Order Name, Status Icons, and Customer.

Sort options can let you sort your production queue easily. Simply select the sort button to adjust your sort:

All Production queues can be modified to match your production process. To learn more, visit Production - Queues.