To integrate Shippo online, the Shipping option must first be added to a Customer's Online Ordering setup, and then Shipping Box/Weight has to be setup on the Online Ordering Template. 

Adding the Shipping option to a customer profile

Step      Action

  1.        Select {CRM} to open the Customers tab. Select a customer by clicking on the customer 

             name under the Name column.

  2.       Select {Actions} and then select {Edit} from the drop-down.

  3.      Select {Shipped} under Online Ordering > Shipping.

  4.     Select {Save}. 


Create Shipping Boxes for use on an Online Product

To create new Shipping Box sizes go to Settings > Dockets > Order Options > Shipping > Boxes

Any boxes that you create here will be available to you in the Online tab of a Product in the next section.

Set Weights and Shipping Boxes on a Product
In order for Shippo to calculate accurate shipping rates a box size and weight must be assigned at the Product level.

  1.    Select {Settings} and then select {Products} under the Online Ordering section.

  2.    Hover mouse over the Number and click to open the Product view page.

3.    Select {Actions} and then select {Edit} from the drop-down. The Product edit page will open.

  4.       Select {Online} to open the Online tab.

  5.       Complete the fields.




Shipping - Box

1. Select {New} under Shipping - Box. A New Shipping Box modal window will open.
2. Select a Box option from the drop-down menu and then enter a Quantity Per box.
3. Select {Save}.

Shipping - Weight

1. Enter a Weight under Shipping - Weight.
2. Select Mass Units from the drop-down menu.
3. Enter a value Per.

  6.       Select {Save}.

Multiple Shipping Boxes can be created for each Product to account for different quantities.

Once the Shipped option has been added to a Customer's Online Ordering setup, and the Shipping Box/Weight has been setup on the Online Ordering Template, the integration of Shippo online is complete. 


When a customer is ordering online, and goes to checkout, they would need to select 'Shipped' under the Shipping Type. The rates will appear for the options you have setup with Shippo. They can then select which carrier and service they would like use. If you've added a % or $ Handling Fee on the Portal, that will then calculate into the Shipping & Handling cost on the order.


Adjusting Product Weights based on Product Attributes

Offering products with different stock and department item options is a great way to enhance your customer's online shopping experience. Each stock and department item can be assigned a weight that will increase or decrease the total product weight for Shippo. This allows you to offer product customization and maintain accurate weights for shipments.

Stock Weights

Navigate to Inventory > Stock click on a Stock and then Actions > Edit

The GSM field drives the weight calculation for stocks in a Product Attribute list. 

e.g. a Brochure with a defaulted stock that is set at 125 GSM will calculate based on the Product weight in the Online tab. If the stock is changed via a Product Attribute list to a cover weight stock with a GSM of 215, the weight of the shipment will adjust based on the quantity ordered.

Department Item Weights

Navigate to Settings > Dockets > Department Items, click on a Department Item and under Configuration a weight can be set with mass units and per (the number of items the weight is based on. This weight is tied directly to the Lock To of each Department Item. If the Lock To is set to Square Feet Flat Size, then the weight field is equal to a Square Foot of the Flat Size.
e.g. If you have a Product that has a Flat Size of 24" x 36" (6 sq ft.) and you are setting up a Department Item that is 1lb per 1 then this Department Item would increase the weight of the Product by 6lbs, since there are 6 square feet.

Note: If you have not already done so, make sure you have registered for a free Shippo account and have been granted an authentication token that has been entered for Integration (see Creating a Shippo Account - Integrations - Shippo)

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