Departments Items can be used to add additional charges to a job. They can be graphics, finishing, miscellaneous charges, etc. Items can be priced by time and/or piece, linked to supplies for depletions and tracked with timers.

Creating a New Department Item

Step     Action

  1.       Select {Settings} and then select {Department Items} under Dockets. The

            page should open on the Search tab.

  2.       Select {New} under Search-Department Items. A New Department Item 

            page will open.

  3.       Complete the Configuration fields.

Enter Name of department item.
Select a Group from the drop-down menu.

Select the Department section from the drop-down you want the Department Item to show under.

For more information, see 
General - Department Item Groups.

Lock To

The Lock to determines how to calculate the quantity for a department item. There are several preset formulas but these options can also be customized. 

For more information, see 
Department Items - Creating a New Lock To Formula

QuantityThis field allows you to set an actual Quantity for the department item.
e.g. If a single Rip Fee is being charged, Lock To field would be left as 'Select an Option' and the Quantity field value would be 1.

Note: This field is only visible when no Lock To formula has been selected.
Lock To Modifier and Modifier AmountThe Lock to Modifier allows you to multiply or divide the Lock to Formula. The Modifier Amount is the value the lock to formula will be multiplied or divided by.


Select a Supply from the drop-down menu, if applicable.
Note: These options can be modified. (See 
Supplies - Adding New Supplies)

This indicates whether or not the department item contributes to the taxable total when attached to an order item.

Default set to No.


This indicates whether or not the department item is discountable when attached to an order item.

Default set to No.


This indicates whether or not the department item contributes to the commissionable total when attached to an order item with a commission.

Default set to No.
Inventory Warning
This indicates whether an inventory warning will be triggered if the department item supply is unavailable when trying to post the order.

Default set to No.

Note: This field is only visible when a supply has been added to the department item.

Default Timer Rate
Select a Default Timer Rate from the drop-down menu, if applicable.

Enter instructions on how you want this particular Department Item to work, or you can use this for a description on the invoice if you want it to show on a detailed invoice.

GL Revenue Account

Select an account option from the drop-down that you would like the price of the Press posted to.

For more information, see Accounting - GL Revenue Account
Online Name
Enter in the Online Name you want your customers to see, if you offer them different finishing options.
Weight, Mass Units, and Per Weight, Mass Units, and Per allows you to add weight based on the Department Item. This will be factored in when calculating shipping.

  4.      Select {Save}. The page will now show the name of the new department item.


             Note: The option to add additional department item information will be available 
          once the Configuration information has been saved and the edit department