Customers - Creating a New Customer


Companies or individuals who are existing customers or current prospects can be setup in the Customers section of the CRM. Custom defaults can be setup for each Customer that will transfer over to all new quotes and orders.

Creating a New Customer

Step     Action

 1.       Select {CRM}. The page should open on the Customers tab.

 2.       Select {New} under Customers. A New Customer modal window will open.

 3.      Complete the General fields.

Enter the customer Name.
External Identifier
Enter an External Identifier for this customer.

Enter in the customer’s phone number.


Note: If there is a main office number enter it here, you can add extensions or a contact’s direct information during the Adding Contacts stage.
Enter customer Fax number.
Enter customer Email address.

Enter customer Website.
Add New
This field allows for additional contact information (ie. phone, mobile, pager, etc.) to be added.

Select an option from the drop-down menu under Add New.
Enter contact information in the field to right of drop-down. Select {Add}.

Additional Contact Info

Parent Company
Switch default set to No. If switch toggled to, Yes, the option to add Child Companies will be available.
Child Companies

To edit, add, or delete Child Companies. (See Customer-Child Companies)

Note: The section to add Child Companies is only visible when Parent Company switch toggled switch. 
Sales Rep
Select a Sales Rep from the drop-down menu who is to be the default for this customer (if applicable).

Select a CSR from the drop-down menu who is to be the default for this customer (if applicable).

Graphic Artist
Select a Graphic Artist from the drop-down menu who is to be the default for this customer (if applicable).
Select one or more Tags from the drop-down menu.
Note: These options can be modified. (See Customer-Tags)

Shipping Type

Choose a Shipping Type from the drop-down menu (if applicable). This will be the default shipping type that will come up automatically when you create an order item. You can override this when creating individual order items.


Select an Invoice option, if applicable.


Select the Terms from the drop-down menu, if applicable.

Customer Since
Select a Customer Since date using the calendar.


  General customer information can be saved by selecting {Save} at bottom right corner of the modal window. 

  A customer view page will open. The page will now show the name of the new customer.

Additional Customer sections can also be completed from the New Customer modal before saving.

(See Customers-LocationsCustomer-Financial, and Customers-Online Ordering)