Timers can be applied to items and products to help track cost and charge clients for time spent in production of the item. This time can be related to graphics, press, finishing, etc.

Before a timer can be applied to an item/product, timer rates must first be setup.  

The timer rate calculation will be based on the cost, price, minimum time, and minimum type.

  • The Cost can be your employee's wage or the burden rate. 
  • The Price is the hourly rate you would like charged. 
  • The Minimum Time is the minimum time to be charged. 
  • The Minimum Type dictates whether you would like the Minimum Time charged per timer or per record.

The timer rate will keep a timer record but it will not charge for this on the item if Override Cost and Override Price are set to No.

If Override Cost and Override Price are set to Yes, the timer's cost and price will be calculated into the pricing of the item.

The timer rate can also be set as Taxable and Commissionable,

These options can be set to YES on the timer rate itself or toggled to YES when the timer is used on the order item level.

For more information, see Timers - Creating a New Timer Rate.

Estimated Graphic Time vs. Graphics Timer Rate 

Graphics time can be calculated as estimated or actual time. This allows for an estimated graphics time to be charged when quoting an item but an actual graphics time to be charged on the order item. 

To Use Estimated Graphics Time:

Step     Action

  1.       On the item view page, enable Edit Mode and complete the applicable fields on the Graphics tab.

Estimated TimeEnter an Estimated Time (Hours and Minutes).
Bill Estimated Graphic TimeToggle switch to Yes.
Graphic RatesSelect a Graphics Rate option from the drop-down menu.
To add, edit, or delete Graphic Rates. (See Timer - Rates)
Graphic DiscountEnter a value for the Graphic Discount percentage.

 2.      Select {Save}.

This will calculate an estimated graphics time into the item price.

To Use Actual Graphics Time:

Note: If Estimated Graphics Time has been added to an item, the Bill Estimated Graphic Time toggle will need to be set to No before actual graphics time can be billed.

Step    Action

  1.      On the item view page, enable Edit Mode and select the Graphics tab.

  2.      Toggle Bill Estimated Graphic Time switch to No.

  3.      Select {Save}. 

Step    Action

  1.       On the item view page, select {New} under Timers. A New Timer modal window will open.

  2.      Complete the applicable fields.

NameEnter timer Name.
RateSelect a Graphics Rate  from the drop-down menu. The field values will adjust based on what has been setup on the selected Rate. These values can still be overridden on the item level as needed.

To add, edit, or delete Graphic Rates. (See Timer - Rates)
ItemThis should prefill based on the item the timer is being added too. 
Cost OverrideToggle to Yes to override cost.
Price OverrideToggle to Yes to override price.

 3.   Enter a timer record using Quick Add or {Save and Start}. 

This will calculate actual graphics timer rate into the item price.