If your template options no longer appear, it may be that the Job Template or Template Options have been activated.

From the Template Option edit page, if you switch Active Templates toggle to No and your template options appear, it means the Job Template has been inactivated. 

To Activate Job Templates:

Step     Action

  1.       From the Job Template page, hover mouse over Name of job template to be activated and select the pencil icon. The 

            Template edit page will open.

  2.       Toggle {Active} switch to Yes

  3.       Select {Save}. A pop-up to confirm template successfully saved. The Template Options will now be visible if they are active.

If your Job Template is active and the Template Options are still not visible, it means your template options need to be activated as well. 


To Activate Template Options:

Step       Action

  1.         From the Job Template page use search filters to locate the template options that have been inactivated (Active Templates toggle should be set to YES and Active Template Options toggle should be set to NO). 

  2.         Check boxes on left-hand side of Name column for each Template Option to be activated.

  3.         Select {Bulk Actions} and Template Options from the drop-down. The Bulk Actions modal will open.

  4.         Toggle Active switch to Yes

  5.         Select {Save}.  A pop-up will confirm template options update successfully. The Template Options should no longer be visible on the table.

For more information, see Job Templates - Inactivating Templates and Template Options - Inactivating Template Options