The overall design of a portal can be done using a mix of theme and customization.

The theme is a base style that will be applied to the portal. There are preset root themes on DocketManager that can be further stylized with CSS/JS customization on the theme level. This is ideal if you would like to use the same portal style and layout on multiple portals. For more information on the preset root themes, see Online Ordering Setup - Explore our Themes.

The theme then gets applied to a portal, creating the base style and design for the portal. From there, further CSS/JS customization can be done. This is ideal for creating a unique portal, individualized for a specific customer. For more information on portals, see Online Configuration - Portals.

Note: Any of the CSS/JS customized on the portal level will be added last. If the same class is styled differently on both the theme and portal level, the portal level styling is what will be applied.