Previous AR relates to invoices from your previous MIS, that have an outstanding balance due, being imported into DocketManager. Once imported, the previous AR will appear as posted orders that can be paid in DocketManager.

The main advantage of bringing in previous accounts receivable is, once the previous accounts receivables have been imported, it allows for one system to be used for making payments and tracking accounts receivable.

The main disadvantage is that there will be a period where payments will need to be paid in 2 systems until the previous accounts receivables are paid off.

Best Practice: Let customers know you are going to a new system and would like to get balances cleared off accounts. This encourages your clients to pay their bills, therefore lessening the accounts receivables to transfer over to your DocketManager system. 

Additional Notes when bringing in your Previous AR:
  • AR should not be submitted, imported or entered until a 2-3 day window within the 'Go Live' date.
  • There are 2 options for bringing in your previous AR.
  • Option 1 - You can manually input your AR into DM at no cost from Settings > Accounting > Previous AR. For more information, see Previous Accounts Receivable - Manual Entry.
  • Option 2 - *Additional fee may apply for this service*
DM provides a service to import your customers pre-existing accounts receivable from your existing MIS system. This service is available after the system setup has been completed and you are 'Live' with the DM system. The accounts receivables must be supplied in the format of the .csv file. 

Best Practice: Close out as much AR in retiring MIS/Accounting system.