FAQ - How do I Send a Quote with Multiple Quantities?
Back A quote with multiple quantities can be emailed or printed in the same way as a regular quote. To have the multi quantities display on the quote, the correct document template must be select...
Fri, 9 Apr, 2021 at 2:43 PM
FAQ - How do I Quote Using Different Presses?
Back A Quote can be used to determine how an item would be priced using various presses. This allows for a comparison to be done to see which press would be most cost effective to complete the jo...
Fri, 9 Apr, 2021 at 2:41 PM
FAQ - Why Does my Order Have a Shipping Cost Without a Shipment?
Back A shipping cost can populate in the Shipping Total based on the Ship Type that has been set on the order. This method does not require an actual shipment be added to the order. If an order h...
Fri, 9 Apr, 2021 at 3:28 PM