DocketManager allows you to track all inventory within the system.


  • Negative stock values are not tracked so the stock needs to show an on-hand value for usage to be tracked within the system.
  • Stock inventory levels should be maintained using PO's and inventory adjustments. This will help to ensure inventory can be tracked accurately. 
  • If you were previously not tracking stock or need to update stock inventory, a Stock Inventory Level.csv can be used. For more information, see FAQ - How Can I Use a Stock Export to Bulk Update Stock?

The updated inventory stock levels, using an import, will appear as an Inventory Migration under PO

Once the initial on-hand stock inventory levels have been updated, the system will automatically track each stock as inventory is allocated for orders. You can also print inventory labels in the stock table.

An Inventory Warning can also be added to stock to ensure orders cannot post if there is insufficient inventory to fulfill the order. For more information, see FAQ - How does Inventory Warning Work on Stock?

The monthly usage for a stock as well as the inventory history can be seen on the Stock View page.

Your overall stock usage within DocketManager can be seen using the Stock Usage report. For more information, see Analysis - Stock Usage.