Portal NameThis is the internal Name for the portal that will be used throughout the system.
URLThis is the unique URL for the portal. It is systemically generated.
ActiveToggle switch to Yes or No. If set to Yes, the portal is  Active.
New Customer DefaultsSelect a New Customer Defaults option from the drop-down.

This sets the Customer Defaults to be used when a new contact is added or a new contact and customer are registered on the portal.

For more information, see Customer - Defaults.
Assigned To ContactSelect an Assigned To Contact from the drop-down.

This sets the Active User that all new items created from this portal should be assigned to.
Handling Fee Type/Amount
This is the type and value that will be added to Shippo's shipping cost.
Meta DescriptionEnter Meta Description.
Meta KeywordsEnter Meta Keywords.
Show RegistrationToggle switch to Yes or No. If set to YES, a link will be available to register for the portal online.
Lock RegistrationToggle switch to Yes or No. If set to YES, the Registration.aspx page will still be accessible but the registration form will be hidden. A message stating 'Sorry, registration for this site is currently closed' will display instead.
BrowsableToggle switch to Yes or No. If set to YES, this portal and any public products can be accessed without a login.
Portal EmailsSelect an option from each drop-down to set the default canned email for each email type.

Order ConfirmationThis is used when an email is sent for a successful checkout.
Order Sent for ApprovalThis is used when an email is sent to an Approver.
Order Needs ApprovalThis is used when an email is sent to the Requester that requires approval.
Password ResetThis is used when an online user requests a password reset.
Registration ConfirmationThis is used when an online user registers for a portal.

Note: The registration email is not sent the new user has already been setup on the portal but is logging in for the first time to change password.
For more information, see Communications - Canned Emails.
Admin Email Address
Select one or more Admin Email Address options from the drop-down. An email address can also be manually entered by typing it into the field and hitting 'Enter' key.
File GroupSelect a File Group from the drop-down.
From Email NameEnter the From Email Name.
From Email AddressEnter the From Email Address.

Select a Theme from the drop-down.

Note: Primary/Secondary color may pre-fill based on Theme selection.
To modify theme options, see Online Configuration - Theme.
Primary/Secondary ColorSelect a color from the color swatch.

To add a Logo:
1. Select {Choose File} under Logo. A File Upload modal window will open.
2.  Locate file on computer to be imported and select {Open}. A results window will pop-up to indicate the logo has been saved successfully.
Customize this PortalSelect {Customize this Portal} to open portal customization options including: Layout & Style, Checkout, Quote Approval, and Proof Approval.

Note: If the added theme utilizes one of our root themes, you will likely want to customize the portal with the corresponding Homepage HTML.

To add a Homepage HTML Root Theme:
1. Download the text file associated with the Homepage HTML Theme you would like to use. (See Homepage HTML Templates)
2. Copy text file and paste it into the Homepage HTML field under Layout & Style section.
3. Select {Save}. A results window will pop-up to confirm portal saved successfully.